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Retirement Parties

Family Reunions

Corporate Functions

Golf Outings

Bagpiping at banquets and other social gatherings will certainly add to the pageantry of the day and may include:

  • A surprise entrance at the beginning of the festivities
  • Piping during the arrival of the guests
  • Playing at selected times during the event
  • Playing familiar tunes as guests arrive or leave the event
  • Leading a featured speaker to the podium
  • Preceeding special announcements
  • Bringing some of old Scotland to golf tournaments with the skirl of the pipes at the start
  • Adding a bit of enlightenment to informal gatherings by relating the history of the pipes and Highland dress
Casual attire

Music selections?

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What some of my clients have said:

"That was a great entrance! Seeing you come out of the fog in the dark playing the bagpipes was like out of a movie!"

"It was nice for once to hear a piper who makes the tunes sound like music."

"It was good to have you again. We'll be seeing you at more of these family gatherings in the future."

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