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Your wedding is a very special celebration which will remain in your memories and those of your guests for the rest of your lives.

Celebrate the joy of this festive occasion with the unique tradition, color, and sounds of the
Great Highland Bagpipes
The presence of the Piper at your wedding can be as
   discreet or as prominent as you like  - 
      From a surprise appearance at the very end of the
         ceremony and leading of the newlyweds out after
            the presentation of the new couple, to playing a fully
               predominant part in the festivities from start to finish.
Piping at your wedding can typically involve any or all of the following:

* Playing for a short period of time just prior to the start
       of the ceremony as guests are arriving
* Playing as the bride makes her entry, either leading her
       or remaining at the back while she graces forward to the
       music of the pipes
* Enhancing a mid-service candle lighting with a slow air
* Leading the newlyweds out after the end of the ceremony
* Playing various tunes, marches, jigs, hornpipes, reels, and
       slow airs after the ceremony and as the guests are leaving
* Playing outside the reception hall as the guests arrive
* Leading the bride and groom into the reception hall will
       certainly draw attention to their arrival with such a
       royal announcement!
"Your wedding is your special day and I will work with you to help make it the most memorable occasion possible."
Fees will vary and are dependent upon the amount of time involved, whether attendance at the rehearsal is necessary, and on the travel distance involved.
Call to discuss your specific preferences
and to obtain an immediate quote.
It will be well worth it!
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Consider the Special Touch of
Having Your Own Bagpiper
to Highlight Your Special Day

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