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Al Purcell Archive

Al Purcell (1929-2000) was an accomplished uilleann piper, a gentleman's gentleman, and a tutor of uilleann piping students, many who have gone on to become famous in their own rite. Born in Dublin and immigrated to the Detroit area in 1957, Al tutored any interested student, without charge, in both group and private settings up until his untimely death in 2000.

A Tribute to Al, compiled by Terence McKinney, which can be viewed HERE contains Al's bio, an assortment of photos, and condolences written by many of those who were saddened by his passing.

This small archive collection includes interviews of Al, his father, Leo, and recordings of Al which he had kept over the years. After Al's death these recordings were collecte, reviewed and cataloged by Jim McGuire.

Jim McGuire Archive

The archive contained here was collected and compiled by uilleann piper, researcher and archivist, Jim McGuire, and includes many old tapes and recordings.

Among them are early programs aired on RTE radio, festival and tionol recordings, individual tunes played by various notable pipers, old 78rpm and wax cylinder recordings, and more.

An index is provided in both spreadsheet and text format to more easily ascertain and locate the recording of your choice.

Archive Index

An index of both the above archives can be viewed in either spreadsheet or text format:


Looking for more than just a solo piper? Here are some links to a few small bands located in SE Michigan. Some play strictly Celtic music and others a mix, and all are perfect for playing background music for large or small gatherings such as wedding receptions, private parties, festivals, etc.

  • Celtic Jam is a 4-member group playing Irish and Scottish tunes on fiddle, uilleann pipes, whistle, guitar, and bodhran.
  • Banishmisfortune. This duo will provide gentle background music on Celtic harp and mandolin, or concertina and banjo with a repertoire of O'Carolan waltzes as well as more upbeat jigs, reels, and hornpipes.
  • Nutshell, a 5-member group playing mostly Celtic music on a variety of instruments and vocals, with some diversity of genre.
  • Wee Wisdom Women are 3 young women who play traditional Celtic and a variety of offshoot genre and folk on fiddle, flute, whistle, guitar, and vocals.
  • Celtic Cross is a duo playing instrumentals and song from the Celtic isles.
  • Mi Bands & Acts. Finally, an extensive list of Michigan Celtic bands compiled and presented by Michigan's own Liam the "extra-large" Leprechaun.

Jam Sessions

Local Celtic music jam sessions can be found in various local pubs and other establishments on a regular basis. Click HERE to view a page which lists most of those occurring in South Central and SE Michigan.

Current & Upcoming Public Events

Visit my Bagpiper Tom Facebook page to view notices of upcoming events such as performances and Celtic festivals occurring in the area.